Have some questions about details of assisted living?

What is Assisted Living?

Assisted living means helping senior citizens with daily tasks such as bathing, feeding, personal hygiene, taking medications and more. It is typically a residential community that supports and promotes the independence of residents so they can enjoy a full and engaging life.

What is Not Assisted Living?

Assisted living communities are not nursing homes. Residents are not chronically ill and they don’t need continuous care from a doctor. They may need help taking medications, cooking meals or keeping up with housework

Is there a Doctor or Nurse on Duty at an Assisted Living Home?

Every community will have a licensed nurse available to assist where needed. These facilities are not, however, required to have a nurse on staff at all times. Some do have in house nurses or physicians though.

Can I Live in an Assisted Living Community if I Require a Wheelchair or Walker?

Absolutely. We encourage all seniors who require equipment to assist with mobility to take advantage of assisted living since it is safer.

Does that mean you can Prevent Resident Falls?

Unfortunately it is impossible to prevent all falls. Assisted living communities do provide an environment that is as safe as possible to help minimize the risk. We also encourage residents to stay active, which can help maintain or build strength so you can avoid falling.

Do I Have to Sign a Lease?

It will depend on the facility you are considering. Some offer month-to-month agreements to help accommodate short-term stays. Others will request something longer. There are never any hidden costs or fluctuating fees though so don’t hesitate to ask for what you need.

Can I Bring my own Furnishings to my Apartment?

Some facilities do allow you to bring your own furnishings, and others don’t. The best option is to ask each facility prior to making a decision.

How is my Level of Care Determined?

When you move in the nursing and care teams will give you a health assessment. Based on those findings and your medical history the facility will determine how to best meet your needs. Of course, they will also take into consideration your personal preference and typical routines to help make a custom care solution just for you.